creating the multimedia layer for linux...

15.04.2002 LinuX MultiMedia Project v0.6.1.1 [build-fix] available.
v0.6.1 did only compile on my system. Patch available...

14.04.2002 LinuX MultiMedia Project v0.6.1 [unstable] available.
I call it unstable, as there was not enough testing.

25.02.2002 website updated.
FAQ updated, as I got a very impolite email related to the binary 'mplayer'

22.12.2001 website updated.
I rewrote the "HTML code" and made a few design modifications.

22.10.2001 LinuX MultiMedia Project v0.6.0 available.
The project was splitted into two parts ( XMMP core and LinuX Media Player )